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Dongguan, make nc parts processing ecological system

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-01-12
Recently, ningbo precision machining friends saw 'the fourth batch of national business incubation demonstration base' to that list of the public, two precision parts processing base in guangdong province was selected, the dongguan songshan lake international robot industry base is one of its top, it will be the first in dongguan the title of intelligent CNC parts processing incubators. Five years ago, by the support of dongguan government, songshan lake management committee, ze-xiang li, a professor at Hong Kong university of science and technology to lead the team to create new market and company management precision parts processing research and development institutions - — Robot industry development co. , LTD. , dongguan songshan lake songshan lake international robot research institute, custom industrial development dongguan intelligent high precision parts, in order to explore the developing mode of new spare parts processing, supporting the development of guangdong province, dongguan and intelligent CNC parts processing industry. Hong Kong and Macao to dongguan songshan lake international robot industry base with big strong precision parts processing industrial chain of the bay area, join the global university, research institute, enterprise and upstream and downstream parts processing custom service center and other resources, to build intelligent CNC parts processing from the core components to the system to the application of the whole ecological system, provide incubator company/team talent, mentors, supply chain, capital and other comprehensive resources support. From about 10 years ago, professor ze-xiang li tried to research combined with the pearl river delta CNC parts processing industry. Is the first project is a product of the robot controller is applied to the precision parts processing and manufacturing. Ten years ago, this is a new project, the follow-up spent nearly 5 years to make a promotion for mechanical parts processing enterprises, and the products of intelligent precision parts processing gradually mature. , step by step, through scientific research and exploration of ze-xiang li and his team hope to find a wide space, hence an institution established in dongguan songshan lake international robot industry base.
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