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Do you know the common fault of lathe processing

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-15
More common lathe processing fault ( 1) Power supply is the maintenance system and the whole machine working energy source, its failure or fault light person will lose data, causing downtime. The person that weigh will destroy partial or all of the system. Western countries because of the power supply, power quality is high, so the less the power of the electrical system design considerations, this is our country has large fluctuations and higher harmonic power supply network is slightly less than, plus some man-made factors, appears unavoidably caused by power failure. ( 2) Position loop nc system failure ( 3) Machine tool coordinate to find less than zero. May be zero direction away from zero; Encoder damaged or open circuit wiring; Grating shift of the zero mark. Back to zero speed switch failure. ( 4) Dynamic characteristics of machine tool, the workpiece processing quality to drop, even under a certain speed machine tool vibration. There are very big one possibility is that this gap is too large mechanical transmission system and even badly worn or guide due to insufficient lubrication and wear; For electrical control system may be the speed loop, position loop and related parameter is no longer the best matching state, shall be carried out again after mechanical fault basic optimization adjustment. ( 5) Accidental outage. There are two possible: a case of related software design is as mentioned in the problems in operation and function of the specific operation under the combination of outages, general machine tools energizing will disappear when the power is cut off; Another situation is caused by environmental conditions, such as strong interference ( Grid or peripheral devices) , high temperature, humidity, etc. The environmental factors is usually ignored by people, such as southern region put machine in normal plant even near the door, electric cabinet run to open the door for a long time, there is a lot of near the dust, metal dust or water mist device and so on. These factors not only can cause failure, serious still can damage system with machine, be sure to pay attention to improve. Conclusion improve work after the maintenance and troubleshooting of the numerical control lathe processing electrical breakdown maintenance and analysis after the summary and improve the work, the third stage of troubleshooting, is also very important stage, should cause enough attention.
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