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Do you know shenzhen mechanical precision parts processing technology and processing tools?

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-11-19
Shenzhen mechanical precision parts processing skills process is more artifacts may parts processing process, selection of mechanical processing method, direct changes to the blank shape, dimension and surface quality, etc. , make it become a part of process called machining process skills. For example, a machining process is rough machining - usually Finishing - Assembly - Inspection - Packaging, which is a process of abstract processes. Shenzhen mechanical precision parts processing skills is on the basis of the process, changes the shape of the yield target, scale, such as relative orientation and nature, make its products or semi-product, is each process, a detailed description of each process, for example, it says, roughing may involve blank production, polishing, etc. , finish machining may be divided into car, fitter, milling machine, etc. , each process will have the detailed data, such as roughness to reach how many, how much tolerance to arrive. Skill personnel according to the product quantity, equipment condition and the quality of workers, and so on and so forth, to conclude that the skills of selection process, as the content of the related technical documents, this file is called skills procedures. The contrast is targeted. Every factory may not the same, due to the actual situation is different. Skills, on the whole, the process is a platform, processing skills are detailed parameters of each process and rules of skills is a factory on the basis of actual situation specific written processing skills. Mechanical processing tools are the points: mechanical precision parts processing skills to choose reasonable may not reasonable, will directly affect the machining precision of workpiece, to produce power and economic benefits. Should be based on the production type, detailed processing conditions, structure characteristic of workpiece and skills request selected skills and equipment etc. one Selection of the fixture. Single piece and small batch production should be the first to choose various universal fixture and machine tool accessories, such as chuck, machine tool with flat vice, dividing 1; For large and produce a lot of, to improve the yield rate should be chosen for efficient fixture; Many kinds of medium and small batch production can choose adjustable clamp or group. two Tool selection is usually preferable specification. If choose mechanical assemble, can choose a variety of efficient cutting tools, such as composite cutting tools and multitool. The type of tool, standards, and precision grade should agree with processing the request. 3. Selection of measuring tool. Single piece and small batch production should widely use common measuring tool, such as vernier caliper, dial gauge and dial gauge, etc. ; Fruit large, large should choose limit gage block and efficient special checking fixture and measuring tool, etc. The precision of the measuring tool it is necessary to adapt themselves to the machining accuracy.
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