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Do you know about precision parts?

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-15
More 1, parts, Also called elements) , processing and manufacturing of unit cell is not detachable, such as screw, spring, shaft, etc. 2, components ( Also called devices) By processing good assembled of two or more parts. Rolling bearings, linear guide, shock absorber, etc. 3, components, Also known as the whole) Several parts box parts according to the requirements of assembly drawing assembly into a complete organization and structure, can implement independent functions. Gear reducer, motor, sensor, dampers, etc. 4, recorder, photocopiers, camera, etc. 5, the basic requirement of precision instruments and equipment of mechanical system ( 1) And feature requirements ( 2) And precision requirements ( 3) , the sensitivity requirement ( 4) And rigidity requirements ( 5) , strength requirements ( 6) , work stability requirements ( 7) , structure, public welfare requirements ( 8) Precision, use requirement 6, institutions: usually called the mechanical system and structure of the precision machine accuracy. Various institutions and ideal or actual motion rule of conform to the degree is called the machine accuracy. 2, organization error: between real and ideal mechanism motion accuracy of mechanism motion accuracy deviation. 3, ideal mechanism: can absolutely precisely given motion law institutions in advance. Task: 1) Comprehensive institutions error 2) Machine accuracy allocation 7, 1) The accuracy of institutions: system error caused by the deviation of actual movement and the ideal kinematic degree. Reflects the institutional system error, can be corrected by adjusting, optional, or by adding compensation device and introducing correction method to improve or improve. 2) Mechanism precision: repeat conform to the degree of the movement. The precision of the institutions reflect the random error of the organization. 3) Precision ( Accuracy) Precision reflect institutional system error and random error influence degree. Accuracy and precision to reflect the accuracy. Only has high precision and accuracy, and mechanism of high accuracy. 8, taken the error classification ( 1) According to the nature of the error classification 1) System error 2) Random error ( 2) , according to the relationship between the error classification 1) Independent error 2) Relative error ( 3) , according to the time characteristic of the error classification 1) Static error 2) Dynamic error ( 4) , according to the representation method of error classification 1) Absolute error (2) The relative error ( 5) And according to the classification of error source 1) Principle error 2) Manufacturing error of 3) Using the error
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