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Difficult-to-machine materials that should be paid attention to during machining

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-11-20
Turning, milling and cutting roughly divided into predominantly center tooth cutting ( Bit, end milling cutter surfacing, etc. ) , the machining of cutting heat to the influence of the blade tip also each are not identical. Turning is a kind of continuous cutting, no obvious changes, the tip of the cutting force under heat cutting continuous function on the cutting edge. Milling is an intermittent cutting, the cutting force is applied to the tip, intermittent cutting vibration will occur, when the tip of thermal effects, is when the cutting heat and the cutting cooling alternates, general by fewer calories than when turning. While milling cutting heat is a kind of intermittent heating phenomenon, blade is cooled in the non cutting, which will be conducive to the extension of the knives' service life. Japan's physical and chemical research institute of turning and milling tool life as the contrast test of milling cutter used for ball end mill, turning to general lathe tool, both in the same processed material and cutting conditions ( Due to the different cutting ways, cutting depth, feed, cutting speed and can only be broadly) And cutting test under the same conditions, the results show that the milling processing to prolong tool life. Using the blade with center ( The cutting speed = 0 m/min) Bit and ball end mill cutter for cutting, often appear near the center of blade tool life is low, but it's still better than when turning processing. In cutting, hard machining material had a greater influence on the cutting edge is heated, often reduce the tool life and cutting way such as milling, the cutter will be relatively longer service life. Can't but difficult-to-machine materials from beginning to end all adopt milling, there will always be a need for turning or drilling among processing, therefore, should according to different cutting ways, take corresponding technical measures to improve the machining efficiency. Company in line with the focus on efficiency, heavily in the introduction of processing equipment, the introduction of the production management system, to attract experienced talent, integrity-based business philosophy, adhere to excellent quality, perfect after-sales service system to provide users with reliable safe and efficient processing machinery spare parts. Look for the yuan precision parts.
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