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HI Winnie and Tia




I have checked these and I think you have done a lot better job this time. I can see that there is better contact between the inside wall of the brass tube and the circumference of the cone and the way you have positioned it means it is sitting in the last 1 or 2 threads of the brass tube and when the male parts of the nipple is screwed into the threaded brass tube it is meeting the top edge of the screen and creating a seal.


so I am now happy J


Can you please go ahead with our order now.


please make sure you  do the assembly of the screen into the brass tube carefully so it will be same as the sample. I know you will do your best and it is very important to me that you do a good job for me.


thank you for your efforts to come up with a solution here I do appreciate it.


please proceed.


thank you. and have a good weekend.





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