Machining Parts


ENRY PARTS INC is the professional supplier of high precision mechanical parts, we specialize in various processes. You can choose our current products, or we can customize samples and mass produce according to your drawings or samples.  We can also inspect the goods and issue quality inspection reports by a designated third-party inspection company.


Process such as Abrading, Cutting, Drilling, Forming, Grinding,or Shaping of a piece of metal or other material performed by machine tools such as CNC machines, lathes, power saws, and presses.

Application: Such as various mechanical parts, Axis, Piston, Adapater, Pin, Valve, Thread Rod, Balljoint Kit-Suspension, Flywheel, Kit-Sreering Colume Repa, Plugbush, Nozzle,Trunnion Kit, Link-Stabilizer Bar, Splined Shaft, Stud, Needle, Pulley, etc.

Our Advantage

NINGBO HENRY PARTS INC. in Ningbo city China start from 1998.Material made from mild steel,stainless steel,brass,Aluminium,rubber,EPDM,PP,PA,silicone.Parts widely used in motor vehicle,motor cycle,vessel,construction industry,agricultural machinery,industry and so on.

Understand drawings and choose Suitable Process

Understand drawings and tolerance well,and know how to use the best production process for each drawing.

Customize Samples According to Drawings & Samples

We could draw by ourselves according to the samples.We can customize mass produce according to your Requirement. 

Precision Production Equipment 

As manufacturer, we owm equipment which keep the precision of the parts. precision: Lathe/Drilling/Millin machine+/-0.05mm, Electric spark +/-0.01mm, CNC center+/-0.005mm.

Various Process

Specialize in various process,like Machining, stamping, forging, casting, various wire diameter spring, etc.

Ensue Quality & Packing

Professional team control the quality and responsible for the quality. All goods would be with safe packaging.

Flexible Delivery 

To use the cheapest and quickest way to arrange shipment.Small order quantity acceptable, Flexible delivery.


Quotation within 24 hours upon each new inquiry

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