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Computer gongs processing system classification

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-20
Commentary computer gongs CNC milling machine forms processing system of classification, different types of CNC milling machine though they have differences in composition, but there are many similarities. Below to XK5040A type nc vertical milling machine as an example to introduce the composition of. Ⅺ saw 040 a type nc vertical milling machine is equipped with four 3 Ⅳ ma CNC system, using digital ac servo driver. The lathe bed section, milling head part, workbench part, transverse feeding section, lifting platform, cooling, lubrication part. Do you know computer gongs processing system classification, let's take a look at what? Computer gongs processing system of classification: (1) lubrication system and mode. Lubrication system is composed of manual embellish donate pump, oiler, throttle valve, tubing, etc. Machine adopts periodic lubrication method, using manual lubricating oil pump, through the oiler for main shaft sleeve, and vertical and horizontal guide rail lubrication and three-way ball screw, in order to improve the service life of the machine tool. (2) the cooling system. Cooling system of machine tool is by the cooling pump and nozzle, outlet pipe, water pipe, switch, etc, cooling pump installed in the inner cavity of the machine tool base, cooling pump liquid storage pool play within the cutting fluid from the base to the outlet pipe, and then through the nozzle, to cool the cutting zone. Due to effective control machine adopt servo motor, application of digital technology has realized the execution parts of nc machine tools work sequence and the direct control of movement displacement, the transmission of traditional machine tool structure is cancelled or partly cancelled, and therefore also greatly simplifies the mechanical structure. Digital control mechanical systems are also required to have higher transmission stiffness and transmission clearance, to ensure that the realization of the control instruction execution and control of quality. Due to computer level and constantly improve the control ability, on the same machine tools allow more parts at the same time needed to perform all kinds of auxiliary functions has become possible, compared with the conventional machine tools and CNC machine mechanical tao has higher integration function requirements.
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