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Computer gongs machining operations need to pay attention to?

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-04-05
Computer gongs machining operations need to pay attention to? Shenzhen computer gongs processing small make up to and you tell the computer gongs processing safety matters needing attention in operation. A, as far as possible with the card material and then card installed tool first, in order to prevent the hand tool when loading card materials. Shenzhen computer gongs processing if already loaded tool, at the time of loading card material, should first move the table outside, guarantee card material, without interference with the cutlery, knives from injuries or broken off. Second, when remove the cutting tool must be first to see whether it has stopped spinning spindle. Third, at the time of unloading knife hand do not force or pinched cutter blade, avoid the blade scratches. Four, wrench on the tool storage area should be used, are not allowed on the Y axis cover, or beam. Five, in the process of machining operators are not allowed to close observation cutting position, to prevent the chip collapse into your eyes. Six, processing prior to the start before open the oil pump switch to check the position of nozzle, shenzhen computer gongs processing to avoid impact to other position of the oil. Seven, in the suspended clearance of the machining, must move table from the cutting position. Eight, after the completion of the inspection in our processing, remove the artifacts in the past, the size or appearance of the first to make the necessary preliminary inspection, inspection qualified to remove the artifacts, lest appear after removed the secondary processing location problem and cause the workpiece scrap. If you need to know more information about the shenzhen computer gongs processing, welcome to click into our company's website https://www. henryparts。 Com /, there's more information waiting for me to understand.
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