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Compensation method of CNC machining center

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-26
More CNC machining 'style =' text - 装饰:下划线; font- 尺寸:24 px; color: rgb( 0, 176, 240) ; '> compensation method for CNC machining center CNC machine processing in the machining process, produced by cutting tool shape factor path problem, this is not matter, we can to solve by using the method of compensation, compensation method has the following three kinds of commonly used. 1, the length of the cutting tool compensation of CNC machining center programming of data input, start to specify parts processing center, to set up the workpiece coordinate system programming, the coordinate system is just a workpiece coordinate system, the zero point on the workpiece, CNC machining center length compensation only, and Z coordinates, not programming as X, Y plane zero; Tool is composed of the main shaft taper hole location and don't change, and the length of Z coordinate zero each knife is different. CNC machining center to drill deep 50 mm hole, and tapping deeply 45 mm, respectively, with a length of 250 mm drill and tap a length of 350 mm, with deep drilling bit 50 mm first, as the processing center set workpiece zero, when put on tap tapping, if two knives all start from zero is processing, tap tapping for is longer than the bit is too long, damage to the cutter and workpiece, if set the cutting tool compensation, the compensation for the length of the tap and bit, after processing center zero setting, even if the tap and the bit length is different, because of the existence of compensation, tap the call work, zero point Z coordinate automatically to Z + ( Or Z) Compensation for the length of the tap, to ensure the machining accuracy of zero. 2, the cutting tool radius compensation in CNC machining center has a tool radius compensation, the processing program can not consider the diameter of the cutter size, blade length, apply to the compensation for all the tools and tool radius compensation is generally used only for milling cutter; When the outer contour milling cutter machining or inner contour, the compensation for the tool radius are put to use, when using the end face of end milling cutter machining simply tool length compensation. CNC machining center cutter radius compensation is a difficult to understand and use instructions, so don't want to use in programming, really understand and master the use of programming and processing, bring great convenience; When ready to make up a milling cutter machining the appearance of an artifact of the program, first of all, according to the size the shape of the workpiece and cutting tool radius of a detailed calculation of coordinates to walk the route of the cutter center, the cutting tool radius is the radius of the cutter, when make up after found the milling cutter is not suitable to change to use other diameter cutter, would then go to recalculate the tool center coordinates of the route, it to recalculate for complex shape of the mould is too difficult, the shape of a workpiece processing points, roughing and finish machining, rough machining program is completed after rough machining. After rough machining workpiece dimension changed, then to compute the finish machining of cutting tool center coordinate values workload; If you use the tool radius are put to the cutting tool radius compensation can be ignored, programming according to the size, then put the tool radius as radius compensation radius compensation in the register, temporary replacement cutter or rough finish, need to change the cutting tool radius compensation value can control the size of the workpiece shape dimension, to modify a program isn't used as a basic point. 3, clamp offset compensation machining center fixture offset can use instead of considering the position of the workpiece fixture fixture offset, when CNC machining center of small workpieces, can the clamping fixtures last few artifacts, without considering each workpiece in programming the coordinates of the zero point, just programming, the programming of the respective zero to use clamp offset to move every programming on the workpiece zero point; Clamp offset using the bias instruction to perform G54 ~ G59, can also use G92 instructions set coordinate system; When a workpiece machining is completed, the next artifacts when using G92 to reset a new workpiece coordinate system.
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