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CNC precision parts processing solution by knife traces?

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-03-31
CNC precision parts processing solution by knife traces? In the mechanical parts processing industry, precision parts processing process is not reasonable will directly affect the quality. How to ensure precision parts processing, choose the reasonable processing technology is shut. Together see below pick up in the process of CNC precision parts processing knife trace processing solution: according to the drawing processing requirements can be divided the finish machining and rough machining, the reserved the right amount of allowance for finish: in order to ensure that all achieves the standard size and appearance of the product, usually before finishing, there will be a knife road parts surface will exist, so after rough machining allowance is the best guarantee in 0. 05mm~0. Between 15 mm; Different raw materials, the processing craft route will also be different. Aluminum material is qualitative light, belong to one of the easy machining materials. Programming command cutting instructions, for programming software is different, each style dialog box will change, but the cutting tolerance that is indispensable to set parameters in the programming, and the size of tolerance also directly affect the precision and appearance of the product. CNC precision parts processing, in the process of cutting optimization cutting overlapping: after optimization program, although there will be overlapping in cutting marks, but letterpress printing can eliminate, the edge of the sword; Can improve the size and appearance. Selective cutting: extend the cutting line, in the feed and the blade is not in contact with the workpiece, so as to make the processed surface more smooth; Finally the detection precision of machine tool, need regular maintenance. Long time to use the platform floor damage, machine tool platform also will produce the error. If you need to know more information about CNC precision parts processing, welcome to click into our company's website https://www.henryparts.com/
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