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CNC precision parts processing error is big and useless troubleshooting

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-01-23
More CNC precision parts processing '> CNC precision parts machining accuracy of nc machine tool machining parts and scrap troubleshooting 1, fault phenomenon: CNC machining center'> CNC machining center, when Y is ( Ten) To the error increase, the processing parts scrap, measuring inspection found that the error range from 0. 01 ~ 0. 50mm。 2, analysis and repair process: according to the fault condition, first check the position of machine tool shows that the numerical, and application requirements of the same size, requiring the Y axis movement 100 mm, displayed on the screen is 100 mm, and there is no alarm message on the screen. Servo controller for inspection, found no abnormalities, using a dial indicator in the Y direction check, found that the size of the change is increasing gradually, based on the number of mobile. According to the above inspection situation analysis, the numerical control system and the servo amplifier is normal, the cause of failure or on the coupling. Y coupling as shown in the appended drawings. Will motor disassembly, after arrival to check coupling, measurement, the following problems: in the middle of the connecting pieces of the key groove cooperates with shaft connection sleeves too loose, and key contact with the groove depth, groove has two-thirds of the gap. Through to do the middle connection piece, adjust the depth of the contact after troubleshooting. CNC engraving and milling machine: as the name suggests. Is carving, can also be milling, carving machine on the basis of increasing the main spindle, servo motor, power lathe bed tolerance, while maintaining the high-speed spindle, more important is a high accuracy. Engraving and milling machine to high speed development, generally known as the high speed machine, cutting ability is stronger, the machining accuracy is very high, also can be directly processed material hardness above HRC60, forming at a time. Tell from the appearance of volume: largest processing center, large volume of 1690 type machine in 4 m * 3 m, small type 850 machine is 2. 5m*2. 5m; Engraving and milling machine, be in commonly 2 relatively large type 750 machine. 2m*2m; Engraving machine is minimal. Tell from the mechanical structure, machining center generally adopt cantilever, engraving and milling machine and general multi-purpose gantry structure engraving machine, gantry is divided into beams and beam, the carving and milling machine in the majority with fixed beam. Tell from the index data: the highest spindle speed ( r/min) : processing center, 8000; The most common 240000 engraving and milling machine, high-speed machine minimum 30000; Engraving machine is generally the same as the engraving and milling machine, engraving machine used to highlight processing can reach 80000, but that is not a general electric spindle but air bearing spindle. Spindle power: machining center is the largest, from a few kilowatts to dozens of kw; Engraving and milling machine, usually within 10 kw; Engraving machine is minimal. Cutting: machining center is the largest, is especially suitable for heavy cutting, open coarse; Engraving and milling machine, suitable for finishing; The most school carving machine.
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