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CNC precision machinery parts processing method will also involves the die casting technology

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-01-25
In precision machinery parts processing, all kinds of knives in their respective nc knives, serious in accordance with the requirements on selected dao and Ann anytime and anywhere, so you must choose specification handle, easy to make the drilling, boring, expansion, such as cutting process with the specification of the tool quickly and accurately in a lathe spindle or nc knives, software programmers should hold the structure of the commonly used on nc lathe handle standard, eyelid and category, easy to clear when programming tool axial and radial specification. The most widely used in our country is the handle and the nail BT40 and BT50 series products. But different. Because the modelling of different parts, in many cases they go through all kinds of processing method to enhance its quality and the characteristics of the related function. Today's nc machining method has been extended to various categories, including CNC precision machinery parts processing method is also a kind of strengthening technique commonly used metal products. With constantly improve the skills of characteristics, its processing quality also gradually upgrading and transformation. CNC precision machinery parts processing method will also involves the die casting technology. Die casting technology is the use of three main factors such as machine, die and alloy, the process of pressure, velocity and time consistent. Used for metal hot working, the existence of pressure is the main features of die casting technology difference other casting method. 。 Die casting is modern metal processing technology developing rapidly in a less, no cutting special casting method. It is the molten metal under high pressure high speed filling mold, and crystallization under high pressure setting of casting process. High speed is the main characteristic of pressure casting. Commonly used pressure to tens of mpa, filling speed ( Gate speed) About 16 ~ 80 m/s, very short time of liquid metal filling mold cavity, is about 0. 01 ~ 0. For 2 seconds. Die casting technology is the die casting machine, die mold and alloy can be summarized by three main factors organically combination use of process. And die casting metal according to the process of filling cavity, is the process elements such as pressure, velocity, temperature and time have a consistent process. At the same time, these technological factors influence each other and restrict each other, and bring out the best in each other. As long as the right to choose and adjust these elements, coordinated, the ability to obtain the desired results. Therefore, in the process of die casting should not only pay attention to the technology of casting structure, the advanced nature of the die-casting mould, die-casting machine performance and structure of optimal benign, the adaptability of die casting alloy selection and the melting process of normative; More should focus on process parameters such as pressure, temperature and time on the important role of casting quality. In the process of die casting should pay attention to the manipulation of these parameters are effective.
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