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CNC parts processing enterprises, the reduction of social security fees

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-10-29
A outbreaks, it has a lot of small and medium-sized enterprises to start, our CNC parts processing enterprises is also a month later than usual to return to work rehabilitation. This period of time, no income, enterprises also have no income, ningbo precision machinery processing enterprises from top to bottom, overcome difficulties, not as a last resort, not take layoffs. Government regulators also mean the difficulty of small and medium-sized enterprises at present, many enterprises are facing a shortage of cash flow, even if not send staff vacation pay, still have to pay social security fees, the outbreak of the enterprise is also a kind of pressure. Relevant departments to start the procurement measures, alleviate the pressure of cash flow to help small and medium enterprises, do a good job to return to work and production. Ningbo precision machining according to expert introduction, because some small business has on the job, have little surplus funds, account if you continue to employees to pay social security, really cannot risk. Factory rent, water and electricity were spending, will be a lot of pressure, many enterprises just through this year, will collapse on the threshold of the New Year shutdown. At present, relevant departments to carry out the fine support enterprise, guangdong in February from reducing delay pay social insurance premiums of 22. 3 billion yuan, many ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer can benefit from it. Although for each enterprise, social security expenses is not the biggest, but for supplementary factory's liquidity is also has a lot of help, help us better to return to work rehabilitation.
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