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CNC numerical control processing advantages

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-25
More advantages CNC numerical control processing equipment adopts CNC numerical control processing working procedure, reduces the workpiece clamping the effects on the machining accuracy for many times. Product all by CNC machining precision guarantee without human intervention, both reduces the labor intensity, at the same time to eliminate the influence of human error to product processing, especially suitable for the batch production process of operation skill is not high, more show its automatic processing advantages. CNC from machining accuracy, quality stability, the requirement of the operator is superior to the traditional way of processing. But the product of the production capacity, cost control, scientific production management, humanized demands for CNC way of traditional manual operation, production management, technological requirements and the working environment are put forward higher requirements. To solve a series of problems existing in the CNC machining process, is not only beneficial to improve the production efficiency, improve productivity, but also conducive to the CNC production and processing of the lean production management, improve the whole level and enterprise image. Traditional way of single production processing, make CNC machining and capital utilization efficiency is low, in the process of production must be frequent adjustment, spend a lot of time for it. Shuttling between artifacts in each working procedure, not only cycle is long, and increase the waiting time, leading to a lower production capacity, production cost is high, and affect the production site management. In order to improve CNC processing and economic benefits, the use of advanced and efficient production and processing, and adopt corresponding to the way of production organization and management is very necessary. Using the grouping processing technology, through to the similar parts ( Structure, process) Group, design process, the group production layout, control group and the equilibrium machine load, group machining time optimization and sorting process, from group design, manufacture and management and so on a series of production and management process. Finally using expanded group batch production mode to improve production efficiency. Group machining way in the customer the product series better application. Will shape dimension, process is exactly the same combination of three product process design, processing, using a set of jigs and fixtures, after a clamping positioning, complete process, three pieces of products. At the same time, the use of artificial a clamping more sets of the batch processing way of group products ( Double location, transfer processing) To reduce CNC knife library automatic knife the time required to change frequently, thus shortening the time of CNC machining CT, improve utilization rate of the spindle, greatly improve the CNC machining efficiency. Reduce the number of open CNC is closed, the man-machine matching, reduce the production of operating personnel demand pressure, reduce the number of library change knife, and reduce the oil mist escape CNC workshop production environment impact. Finally through group transfer processing, production efficiency increased by 30% ~ 45%, and makes CNC equipment can save 8% ~ 10%, human can save 45%.
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