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CNC milling machine parts mainly processing?

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-10-27
Today by ningbo precision machinery processing factory of small make up to tell you 'what CNC milling machine is mainly processing parts' 1, CNC milling machine is mainly used for various complex plane, surface, and shell parts processing. For example, all kinds of CAM, mould, connecting rod, blade, propeller and body parts, such as milling, processing type 2: ( 1) Plane parts; ( 2) Curved surface parts; ( 3) Variable Angle parts. 3, processing characteristics: for machining parts is frame plane or high steps at all levels, then selects the point - — Linear system of CNC milling machine. If the machining parts is surface contour, should be based on the geometry of the surface decided to choose two coordinates linkage and three coordinates linkage system. Can also be in accordance with the requirements of parts processing, on the basis of general CNC milling machine, CNC dividing head or nc rotary table, then the machine tool system for numerical control system of four coordinates, can processing spiral groove, the blade parts, etc. 4, processing size: specifications smaller knee-type CNC milling machine, the table width under 400 mm, it is most suitable for small and medium-sized parts processing and complex shape contour milling tasks below. As the larger specifications gantry milling machine, bench in 500 - More than 600 mm, which is used to solve the large size of complex parts processing needs. 5, the machining accuracy: our country has made the accuracy standard of CNC milling machine, of which nc vertical milling machine milling machine for professional standards. Standard the positioning precision of the linear motion coordinates as, repetitive positioning accuracy is 0. 025 mm, milling round essence of 0. 035mm。 In fact, the accuracy of machine tool factory all have considerable reserves, than the national standard tolerance value compression is about 20%. Therefore, from the point of precision choice, general CNC milling machine can meet the needs of the most parts processing. For high accuracy parts, should consider to choose precise CNC milling machine. 6, batch processing: in a massive, users can adopt special milling machine. If it is small batch and is often cyclical repetition and put into production, then adopt numerical control milling machine is very appropriate, because the first volume of a lot of work to a fixture, such as program can be stored up and repeated use. In the long run, a high degree of automation of milling machine instead of ordinary milling machine, reduce the labor of laborer productivity trend is inevitable.
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