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CNC milling cutter categories respectively?

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-04-15
CNC milling cutter categories respectively? Small make up tell everyone of mechanical parts processing plant. What are the types of CNC milling cutters respectively? 一个。 Group composed of the whole piece of material manufacture, when using the credential difference use grinding cutting department into the situation required. Its advantages are simple layout, use convenient, reliable and agile switch, etc. b。 Embedded into welded and racks. Racks and credential blade layout difference, divided into do not transfer and indexable tool cutting tool. c。 Vibration type when the cutting tool of length to diameter ratio is more than 4, in order to eliminate the vibration of the cutting tool, machining accuracy, progress should accept special layout tool. Vibration type cutter important application in boring process. d。 Within the inner cooled cold type tool cutting coolant through spindle or knife plate flow into the blade, and from the nozzle jet to tool cutting edge area. e. Special type cover powerful clamping, reversible tapping screw, composite cutting tools, etc. CNC machine tools is important to accept not heavy indexable tool grinding machine. 2. From the manufacturing material category a. B high speed steel tools. C carbide tools. Ceramic cutting tool d. Cubic boron nitride cutting tools e. Polycrystalline diamond tool CNC machine tool of the most important use of carbide cutting tools. 3. A classification from the cutting process. Cylindrical turning tools are turning, face turning, inner hole tool and forming tool, etc. b。 Drilling tool with ordinary twist drill, indexable shallow drilling and reaming drill, etc. c。 Boring cutting tool with single boring cutter blade, blade boring cutter, and multiple combination boring cutter blade, etc. d。 Milling tools have a face milling cutter, end mill, keyway milling cutter, molding cutter and forming milling cutter, etc. Such as the need to learn more about mechanical parts processing factory of the latest news, please click into our website: https://www. henryparts。 com/
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