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CNC machining thin-walled aluminum - Help you solve the problem

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-04-07
About two months ago, Mr Pay according to the Internet to find the yuan in hunan province, advisory customized CNC machining thin-walled aluminum, and in accordance with the rules of the industry, the custom is need 3 d drawings, the manufacturer production and processing in accordance with the provisions of the engineering drawings. But Mr Fu didn't provide 3 d drawings, so can't offer. According to Mr Fu name, before the use of poor quality of CNC machining thin-walled aluminum precision is low, use effect is not good, so determined to deal with this problem well, is for this reason so I find yuan gives the custom. But no 3 d drawings can't offer, so Mr Yuan give proposals to pay for factory technical professionals to draw a 3 d drawings. General CNC machining thin-walled aluminum low accuracy because of the poor quality has a lot of, are often not processing equipment, technology is not professional, and so on. According to the requirements of the product consider processing method and process and schedule, etc. Pending payments ready for 3 d drawings later, Mr Yuan gives communication about using features strongly recommends some process of fusion of key payment Sir, Mr Fu also accepted, successfully solved the quality problem.
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