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CNC machining quality requirements

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-04-05
More abstract: CNC lathe processing quality requirements: 1, reasonable use a knife. Machining of steel, copper and laser scalpel to use, strictly distinguish between laser scalpel allowance to be reasonable, so the smoothness of the workpiece and cutting tool life will be better. Before 2, processing, use correction table testing tool is within the allowed tolerance, and lock before tip to the processing of the cutting tools with blower gun to blow clean, or wipe with a cloth can put a knife, too dirty is of certain influence to the precision of the workpiece and the quality. 3, clamping, pay attention to see artifacts, and the name of the program list, the models are the same, if the material match, the clamping height is high enough, with a caliper card number. 4, programming and the reference Angle of the mould by the single direction are consistent, then check for the 3 d map, especially the artifacts have been drilling for water, be sure to see 3 d figure are consistent with the water on the workpiece, such as an unidentified to timely feedback under the master programmer or find fitter for 2 d drawings, 2 d and 3 d reference Angle. 5, single to regularization, including mold number, name, program, content, tool size and feed processing capacity, especially the tool clamping length of security, reserved allowance of each program, laser scalpel, please indicate clearly, R surface and plane to meet suitable place, indicate the program in the list, the operator should improve 0 when processing. 02 ~ 0. 05 mm processing first, gong a few stopped to see if meet shun dao, touch the up level, if not fall gong again. 6, the program list must have 2 d or 3 d drawings, and to be marked 'long X, Y, Z wide high' six edge data, those who have a plane to be labeled 'Z' value, after the operator processing convenient testing data is correct, have tolerance to indicate the tolerance data. 7, machine tool operators to strictly control the processing speed, speed and spindle speed to properly regulate each other S F, F relative S main shaft to speed up faster, in different regions have feed speed to do adjustment. After the processing, check the quality is all right rear can off the plane, to be perfect in one time.
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