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CNC machining process in the phase of the analysis

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-27
More CNC machining processing stages in the analysis of CNC machining as an advanced processing method, is widely used in aviation, ship industry, electronic industry and high precision, complex parts processing production. In CNC machining, from the drawings to the processing of qualified parts, one part is a set of both complicated and rigorous process. Some point out the problems in each stage, will make the interrupt processing. The following three stages combined with specific examples, analyzes some key factors in the process of nc machining, so that we can for CNC machining deepen understanding, help in processing production. Generally used in the numerical control machine tool processing stage, mostly is not processing ability. The purpose of the CNC machining process similar to common machine tool. But every detail of the nc machine tool machining process must be predetermined, processing automatically. Therefore, compared with the ordinary machine process to prepare, has its own characteristics. 1. 1 to ordinary knife and tool change machine parts, the position relationship between tool and workpiece is established in conjunction with handwheel by measuring, if the tool position is not correct, can be adjusted by the operator at any time. And nc machining, a clamping, how involved in processing, the cutting tool for establishing the knife type parameters such as input to the computer, the computer through coordinate transformation, so that each of the cutting tool and the workpiece established corresponding relationship. For ordinary processing, the problem is not as important factors to consider. For nc machining, as long as make the application processing, must be the knife, otherwise it will be serious consequences. Ordinary processing tool change is often through feeling to control operation, and must be considered carefully in the nc machining cutter location, in case of collision.
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