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CNC machining parts upgrade of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav)

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-10-19
The development of CNC machining parts, promote the development of the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) industry. Ningbo unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) industry upgrade, also needs on the basis of precision machinery processing technology upgrade. As an intelligent precision parts processing craft, to apply different application scenarios and the consumption demand, you need to rely on the most advanced intelligent technology to arm products. From the trend of the development of the CNC machining parts, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) can be combined with intelligent technology is artificial intelligence technology and 5 g technology. Precision machining in ningbo expert opinion, the key factor for future uavs upgrading depends on the two technologies, we can see who take 5 g era intelligent precision parts processing. CNC parts processing experts point out that if the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) after loading the artificial intelligence technology and 5 g technology, on the one hand, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) from pure only has the function of 'aerial observation tool' upgraded to collection, transmission, analysis and deal with the integration of the universal tool, which greatly expand the application of the traditional functions; Drone communication transmission, on the other hand, the improvement of the basic problems such as information control will get better and solve, let the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) application is more stable, safety, and security, and then get more increment of the customer. In CNC parts processing industry point of view, whether it is artificial intelligence technology, or 5 g technology, are ascending unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) control and software functions, enhance the value of application and appeal, so as to meet the needs of more customers. In this way, the advance on the uav intelligence technology to the layout of ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory is expected to be a burst of 'second life'.
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