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CNC machining parts, to catch the delivery

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-10-31
Intelligent machinery industry is very fire, robot company has always been the hot spot of the attention. Recently, there is a CNC machining parts inquiry, they just a robot company, developed a new product need to attend the exhibition, be badly in need of ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory cooperation. Each other on the Internet search to our company, seen it we present the case of robot CNC parts processing, interested to cooperate with us. After the general idea of the customer service to understand their, let technology and their direct communication product 3 d drawings. Because this is going to attend trade shows for product, not only the accuracy is high, the appearance must also attract attention, to get more customers order. The clients with the robot has a few years, also cooperate with other precision parts processing factory, give them the impression is not too good, this time have to change a supplier carefully. Only this time time is cast, hope to find a strong supply emergency once helped them, after a long-term cooperation. Of course he chose we ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer, it proved that he has the eye. We have done too many this kind of case, the processing of their product is also good, work overtime to cast time limit for a project is not a problem for the customer!
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