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CNC machining parts, the choice of the long-term cooperation

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-10-30
As everybody knows, CNC machining parts is often need to use the service in the field of product research and development. To be listed on the product, can make several sets of products at a previously for mechanical parts plant model to verify the effect of the product. However, many companies often was affected by the quality of the contract home design drawing is no problem, parts processing of the product is defective, influence the progress to the market. So, choose a good generation of industry and commerce, is a prerequisite for product success. Mr Zhang of wuhan perennial need CNC parts processing services. Recently, the company has a new product drawings, need to find a batch of planks do experiments mechanical parts processing plant cooperation. Mr Zhang gets impatient, and get home mechanical parts processing plant in nearby. He also saw in the past, although it is a small factory, there are still a few devices, can compromise first. Thought the simple parts processing, should not have a problem, but counterproductive. Mr. Zhang also think find near the factory cooperation, not a long-term solution, so had to once again looking for mechanical parts processing factory in ningbo. On the Internet, inadvertently found a lot of the ningbo parts processing factory, Mr. Zhang also see our website, after detailed understanding, feel very good. So, he sent the 3 d drawings ask customer whether we can do, and said if the quality is very good, there will be order follow-up, can be a long-term cooperation. After our technical department to assess his drawings, answer is can do! We also presents a satisfactory quotation, Mr Zhang directly behind the order. Our mechanical parts processing factory to arrange production, after 10 days, the completed parts processing products, and delivery to wuhan. Appraised by Mr. Zhang, this batch of parts processing products are qualified. Later, Mr. Zhang is will give us the orders from other factories.
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