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CNC machining parts spindle and Fang Zhen positioning

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-10-28
In CNC machining parts, main shaft is usually composed of two bearings in tandem fixed in Fang Zhen, in Fang Zhen front, precision parts processing operators can see the front bearing inspection hole or slot, then the position of the end is to be installed in the middle of the spindle, it is considering spindle reached out to the limit, the backend is still bearing support. But, in the main shaft extended distance is short, in Fang Zhen tail shaft length is very long, because it's hung up without support, are prone to vibration, greatly reduces the actual speed of the spindle, CNC parts processing quality and efficiency, in this way, a lot of ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer of spindle design will be mounted at the end of the spindle of a bearing, the spindle out in short distance processing more efficient. But it will have a higher requirement for installation accuracy a grade. In CNC machining parts, Fang Zhen fixed and setting position of the spindle is the same, just Fang Zhen guidance not bearing, but the guide plate, most are made of abrasion resistant engineering plastics. This kind of distribution around the perimeter of the Fang Zhen guide plate, should be fixed to the spindle box.
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