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CNC machining parts, quality must be the first

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-10-30
Epidemic prevention materials in China recently, is very hot, but a lot of material begin to be overseas customer refused, for CNC parts processing exports us, this is a vivid lesson. Many manufacturers used to do one hammer buying and selling in domestic, shoddy, this way is can't play in the international market, be returned to ningbo CNC parts processing products, is not without precedent. The international market is very honest, so just have certification standard, but a lot of parts processing factory give the certification to play the bad. As long as can receive orders, many methods are strange, no certification, can go to buy a temporary certificate, such bluff foreign clients, sooner or later, an accident, encounter the outbreak, hype is aided by public opinion. Quality first, not talk, it is necessary to implement in action, so, in the domestic market and also in foreign markets. Whether where precision parts and components of the customer, their favourite or supplier quality guaranteed, as long as it is a long-term cooperation, won must be accomplished on the quality of the precision machining factory. Export must be good quality, otherwise the whole world to siege you can gain the Chinese earn, parts processing industry we must understand this. Not for the benefit of the moment, in the overseas market has affected the reputation of made in China, some are clearly get the medical certification, they always like to really say must be medical certification, customers will abandon us.
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