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CNC machining parts, precision is dependent on the five axis machine

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-01-26
In what is now the CNC parts processing customers, the requirement of accuracy is higher and higher! So, when customers in choosing suppliers, are strict with manufacturer! If ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer can't do this precision, it must also cannot meet the business! In our processing industry, not make do with the truth! At some time ago, a client search on the Internet 'CNC machining parts' want to have five axis machining of ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory cooperation. He also knows five-axis machine is relatively expensive equipment, many factories all have no, but we are one of the few manufacturers. So that we can undertake other peers cannot pick up business. Luckily, he went our information on the Internet. After communication, the customer nc parts processing precision requirements in 0. About 4 mm! Are the precision is too high, because of the need to see a lot of ningbo precision machining suppliers, have not reached cooperation, because no five-axis machine. We get the other 3 d processing drawings, quotation, customer agreed! After two weeks, the numerical control processing is made, send to the customer, to get the test report, test results, they are very satisfied! Will decide next time for continue our cooperation, we find a suitable ningbo precision machining supplier is not easy. If you in the near future are also looking for mechanical parts processing factory, we are a good choice for you!
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