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CNC machining parts practitioners of the theory of 'subversion'

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-10-30
There is a famous in the field of economics theory of 'path dependence', a person or an organization, once made a pattern of success, will naturally dependent on the inherent model, subconscious 'can continue to be according to the model of' judgment. On the nc parts processing production line, many employees often have such a path dependence, this is also a lot of ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory one of the reasons why the products appear defects. This kind of path dependence in many ningbo precision machinery processing enterprises, the boss of there also exist. Miss dong may think such as gree electric appliances, air conditioners are industrial products, automotive and industrial products, since the gree do No good. 1, do car why not? This view, may also represent a group of precision parts processing professionals perception of the auto industry, it especially on new energy vehicles. At present, most of the new energy start-ups can say there is no any CNC parts processing and manufacturing experience, relying on the so-called 'Internet thinking' like 'subversion' has a long history of precision parts processing industry, and then create a car. Automobile mechanical parts processing is different from the Internet, however, made car isn't home appliances. Precision machinery parts processing factory in ningbo, it seems, many enterprises 'Internet thinking' drive, completely ignored the nature of manufacturing, attempt to use 'Internet thinking' to 'corner overtaking' subversive industry, will not go too far. Internet, finance, real estate, security industry and even the brewery, 'anyone want to automakers put a thick stick', a large number of crossover into the CNC parts processing field, the lack of a for automobile mechanical parts processing and the heart of fear. When there is no the support of capital, they will face the fate of the clearing out the last end up a chicken feather.
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