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CNC machining parts, maintenance of old customers is very important

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-09-30
As CNC parts processing factory of customer service, daily work is to develop customers, answer customer questions. However, work to also want to arrange a day, should not only guarantee the development of new customers, also to ensure the maintenance of old customers time, must not attend. Old customers for our ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory was so important that they repeat order ratio can support almost half of the performance. As for our CNC parts processing factory how to maintain old customer, actually not difficult at all. Old customers have any questions, feedback, orders, tracking service, in time to ensure good quality and delivery, basically will be similar. If there is no new product or service, also can inform customers, occasionally take the initiative to contact with the old customers, don't let them forget our precision parts processing services. Such as the old customer, we have a huizhou recently and find our CNC parts processing factory. He send us 3 d drawings, we only offer provides a simple, general and old customers to the price will not have too much entangled with. This time, the customer is tangled precision parts processing of transparency, we also provide the previous processing case for his reference, but the customer has no order. Opportunity may need to wait for, we also regularly track this order, we let the customer service attitude was impeccable. After some days, this customer take the initiative to contact us, to confirm the quantity and delivery precision parts processing. This time there has been no order, but our customer has not dropped this customer. So, good service attitude is an important factor to win orders. As long as the old customer maintenance good, they have the order, the natural first will find us ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer.
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