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CNC machining parts, customer testing it

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-11-01
Last month, Mr Yoon in chongqing through the network search 'ningbo CNC machining parts' contact to our company. After understanding that Mr Yoon need a car of mechanical parts processing, are not standard parts, and high quality, can we do? We tell each other, over the years, we just do the non-standard parts, customer case too much. Learned in the communication, the original before Mr Yoon do CNC precision parts processing products are low, quality is not good, also changed several mechanical parts processing plants, but were not much better. Heard that ningbo precision machining quality are good, Mr Yoon is thought to come to this cooperation. Our commitment to the customer, if you choose our CNC parts processing, can reach the design request of the drawings. It's not the first time I do car machinery parts processing, not only have a great reputation in the customers, and several new energy automobile brand's long-term suppliers. Mr Yoon overall impression is very good for us, then submit the order. Our CNC machining parts team horse started processing. Two weeks later, send chongqing there logistics in the past, after received the goods, Mr Yoon were tested. Sure enough, and we promise, ningbo precision machining service level exceeds, really has no problem in the process of detection. Long-term cooperation, it seems, that's settled!
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