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CNC machining need all customer demand for parts of adaptation

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-01-28
CNC processing need to overall consideration more customer demand for parts of adaptation yuan, focusing on CNC precision machining, mainly provide CNC machining parts, CNC machining, precision parts processing, complex parts processing, complete sets of parts processing, CNC machining, computer gongs, custom parts processing, etc. In the long run for the customer to complete custom parts processing experience, yuan give engineer found that customer demand for expression and communication in the myth is more, the specific performance is as follows: 1, the customer has other parts of adaptation needs, but no accurate description to the requirement of adaptation ( Clearance fit, transition fit, interference fit) ; 2, the customer can't accurately give existing adaptation parts dimension and tolerance, eventually led to the parts with a lack of compatibility and consistency; 3, looking for CNC machining supplier, customer ignores the match demand, cause figure from suppliers, processing error. Ruitai according to the concrete in the process of communication with customers, sum up experience, through the following several ways to achieve the accurate understanding of customer needs and eventually produce customer want parts: 1, when initially proposed parts processing customer demand, our engineer will according to parts structure, listed a list of possible adaptation demand, and customers to confirm; 2, for adaptation parts, it is recommended that the customer is best can find the same supplier for processing, if not, suggest the customer adapter pieces, as one of the means of product verification; 3, if they are new products and parts, ruitai engineer will at the same time of parts design, according to the adaptation needs of customers, make assembly drawing, and the matching intervention, clearance, the validation of the activity space. Yuan, focusing on CNC precision machining, consistent and reliable
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