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CNC machining metal parts manufacturability analysis

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-11-02
Gain shape precision of workpiece machining method for complex composite forming without mould manufacturing key technologies and equipment of CNC machine tool processing, must according to the performance characteristics of nc machine tools, scope of application, analyze the parts processing process. One is to analyze the possibility of nc machining parts: blank can be installed, material of the metal parts machining, the feasibility of tool motion and machining allowance condition were analyzed. Secondly, the analysis program compiled by the convenience: depending on the parts drawing size labeling method is easy to coordinate calculation and programming, can reduce the frequency of the specifications of the cutting tool and tool change, improve the production efficiency and processing quality. 3 it is through the process analysis to choose the appropriate processing plan: for the same parts, because of the way installation location, equipped with cutter, the selection of machining path, the setting of workpiece coordinate system and the differences in the scale of production and so on, often there will be many possible processing schemes, namely according to the technical requirements of parts choose the economic and reasonable process scheme. The content of the concrete to analyze roughly the following several aspects: 1. Analysis drawings to sign form conditions of geometrical element sufficient parts of contours. 2. Analysis of parts drawing size labeling method is adapted to the characteristics of nc machining. Usually part drawing dimensioning methods are to use features according to the requirements and assembly parts scattered from the design reference cited, such tagging method can give a process arrangement, coordinate calculation and numerical control processing to increase a lot of trouble. The nc machining parts drawings requirements from the same reference cited size or directly to the corresponding coordinates ( Or coordinates size) , this is good for programming and coordination and programming design benchmarking, process benchmarking, measurement datum zero setting and calculation. 3. Qualitative analysis of the processability. Analysis is provided by the state of blank and heat treatment on the mechanical properties of the material itself, the blank casting quality and hardness of the parts processed material, if there is a white, sand inclusion, osteoporosis, etc. Judge its processing ease, to provide evidence for the selection of cutting tool materials and cutting dosage. 4. Parts can be installed analysis of blank: is to analyze whether the blank of processed spares for locating and clamping, do you want to increase the process auxiliary devices, install benchmark need carry on the processing, the clamping methods and selection of the clamping point will hinder cutting tool movement, clamping pressure deformation whether affect the processing quality, etc. For the workpiece positioning fixture design, installation, and provides the basis. 5. The feasibility of tool motion analysis: analysis of workpiece blank ( Or grey) Appearance and inner cavity is incompatible with cutting, cutting tool positioning, exercise and presence of machining interference phenomenon, to prevent parts inspection pass. For the determination of tool motion path and provides the basis for programming. 6. The state of the machining allowance analysis: is to analyze the blank ( Or blank) Whether have enough machining allowance, hole machining parts is hole or blind hole, presence of machining interference, and arrange for cutting tool selection, processing and machining allowance distribution provides the basis. 7. Technology structure analysis components to the CNC lathe processing. Is to analyse the appearance of the parts, lumen whether can adopt uniform geometry type or size, reduce the amount of cutting tool and tool change times as much as possible. 8. Analysis of the division of processing operations to the CNC lathe processing, size is easy to ensure each process and whether has influence to the processing quality, whether can improve the machining efficiency, economic and reasonable.
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