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by:HENRY PARTS     2021-04-05
Miss zhang served as the company's procurement, nearly period of time because the company needs to use magnesium alloy, miss zhang will contact a manufacturer to place an order for a batch of CNC machining magnesium alloy, but after received the goods, the master had to beefing, said of the quality of this batch of some magnesium alloys ChengGangLai, competing for replacement, miss zhang can only looking for the manufacturer to solve, but manufacturers depressed attitude made miss zhang is very cold, only to find another manufacturer. Miss zhang from friends hear yuan gives very good over there, is given according to the web search to find the meta website, see without two companies need CNC machining of magnesium alloys, so miss zhang started consulting yuan, after the basic understanding of, miss zhang decided to try the first batch of orders. Because of far distance, the fourth day, miss zhang has received the meta grant from CNC machining of magnesium alloy, hurry up to let the Lao shifu use, engineers used after the echo is very good, said the quality is very good, then all the rest of the order to miss zhang. Yuan gives is nine years of manufacturer, if you also have such need, welcome consultation yuan thanks!
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