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CNC machining how to offer

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-05
More CNC machining 'style =' color: RGB ( 79, 129, 189) ; font- 尺寸:24 px; '> CNC machining how to bid for outsourcing, offer is very crucial step, especially for CNC machining, quotation is Paramount. In CNC machining, there is a calculation formula of quotation. These formulas can be very good to help you reasonable to calculate the CNC machining of the quotation. CNC machining center is mainly for some kinds of medium and small batch parts. As now CNC machining center processing and manufacturing costs decline gradually, has processing large quantities of parts. When processing small batch and single production, such as can shorten the debugging time and tooling preparation time can be chosen. CNC machining center processing surface roughness value of small parts. In the workpiece and tool materials, finish machining allowance and tool Angle certain circumstances, the surface roughness depends on the cutting speed and feed speed. A, the product cost analysis in CNC machining quotation, you first need to general analysis on the cost of the product. Provide more accurate data basis for quotation. 1, the inquiry process: business, purchasing new products -- - — Inquiry - — Understand the content, confirm demand - — Seek suppliers - — Check similar products quotation before - — Manufacturers offer - — Unit price confirmed the competent approved - — Response to related unit - — Tracking confirm the unit price and other information - — Feedback and reporting. 2, the valuation process: the business assessment - — Content analysis -- — Fill in the estimate detail - — Director for approval - — The original sent to sales department - — Track quotation and confirm - — Business will confirm the original offer detail into the computer - — Confirm the cost in each process. Second, CNC processing machine plan first calculation standard ( When the program simulation time is less than or equal to 120 minutes) Plan time = [ Calculation of the clamping test time + engine + ( * 1 program simulation time. 7 times) ] * the second number calculation standard ( When the program simulation time is more than 120 minutes) Plan time = [ Calculation of the clamping test time + engine + ( * 1 program simulation time. 5 times) ] * number of clamping count time ( Program running time) Clean clamped + school + table minutes demolition cutting head, the knife copy number + number + split workpiece measurement time note: according to the workpiece clamping count time: cleaning time for every 1 - 2 minutes, logarithm of the cutting tools installation a minute, is to manually. Caliper measured correction table of the number of 0 per minute. 5 times, wave of measurement to measure a number per minute. Down the artifacts for each 1 - 5 minutes. Copper male: cleaning time is 1 - A 2 minute. The clamping school a table for 1 minute. Using automatic knife to remove the logarithm of the cutting tools for 1 minute. Count the same as the artifacts. 1 minute a workpiece.
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