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CNC machining high speed cutting process

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-28
More CNC machining 'style =' font - 尺寸:18 px; 文本- - - - - - 装饰:下划线; '> CNC machining high speed cutting technology of high speed cutting processing with high efficiency, high machining accuracy, single low processing cost advantages. High speed machining and traditional machining technology is different, the traditional processing that high efficiency from low speed, large cutting depth, feed, single trip, and in high speed machining, high speed quick, the cutting depth, feed, travel is more advantageous. As a new way of cutting, high speed cutting is not a complete selection of processing parameter list, and no more processing examples for reference, not to establish a practical application of high speed cutting database, in high speed machining process parameters optimization, also need to do a lot of work. High speed cutting NC programming standard operating procedures need to be amended. Precision parts process requirement and must guarantee the stability of cutting load. Most CNC automatic programming of software are also can't meet the requirements of high speed machining, need to be supplemented by manual programming. Should adopt a new way of programming, the cutting data suitable for high speed spindle power characteristic curve. Currently, Cimatron, Mastercam, UG, Pro/E, such as CAM, CNC high speed machining technology overview has been added is suitable for high speed cutting programming module.
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