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CNC machining ( CNC) The introduction of

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-09
More CNC machining, CNC) The introduction of numerical control ( CNC) Automation of accurate operation of the machine tool programming instruction encoding storage medium, rather than through a hand wheel or manual manipulation technique, or through the CAM mechanical automation. Today most CNC computer numerical control ( CNC) , by which some manipulation of a computer. In the modern CNC systems, end-to-end component is highly automated using computer-aided planning ( CAD) And computer aided manufacturing ( CAM) The project. Interpreter in a computer file, obtain the required instructions to operate a machine through the rear processing procedure, and then loaded into the nc machine to produce. Because any particular component may demand using a lot of different things - — Implementation, and so on, the modern machine often combine a variety of things into a single 'cell'. In other equipment, a lot of different machines using an external control device and human or robot moving components between machine and operator in the machine. In both cases, a series of process that is required by any some are highly automated and produce some matches start computer aided programming. Before the earliest history of numerical control machine is built in the 1940 s and 1950 s, according to the existing things at that time, and modify the processing machinery, the manipulation of the punched tape follow point input system. These early control mechanism for analog and digital enhanced rapidly, invented the modern nc machine tools, has radically changed the machining process. In 1952, the Massachusetts institute of technology, modern CNC set initial model by the mills according to different concepts. Tool generally by the mobile in the X and Y axis, moving around the Z axis and a thing, Depth) 。 Things by a motor bearing is moving through a series of gear, in order to supply highly accurate movement, or in the modern planning, directly by the stepper motor or servo motor drive. If it is open loop control homework just stick to meet the strength and speed of the small is not too big. Industrial metal processing must be closed loop control, in order to supply accuracy, speed, and repeatability of the request. Manipulation of the device hardware evolution, cause the nc machining is also evolve. A change is contained in a large box all mechanism as a safety measure, often with rated safety interlocks, to ensure the safety of operators to meet far local operations. Today most of the new CNC system electronic control completely. 数控- Like system now used in any process can be described as a series of actions and actions. Conflict these include laser cutting, welding, vibration welding, ultrasonic welding, flame and plasma cut, twists and turns, rotating drilling, fixed, pasting, fabric cutting, sewing, tapes and fiber placement, route selection and saw. CNC numerical control lathe numerical control machines such as lathe can be made quickly and fine cutting, generally these parts can't use craft lathe processing, have to the numerical control lathe processing. These machines are generally contain a variety of things and cooling system to reduce tool wear. CNC lathe has similar control standard, instruction and the producers can identify often use proprietary programming language. Water jet cutting boot a water jet cutting machine, is a pass or a mixture of water and a grinding material, such as sand, the use of water under high speed and pressure, can cut metal or other materials ( Such as granite) Things. Some commonly used in the production or the produce machines and other equipment. Widely used in different industries from mining to aerospace, used for operations such as cut, shaping, carving, and reaming. Other nc things a lot of other things nc variants, including:? Spark machine? Embroidery machine? The lathe? Milling machine? Bending machine? Hot-wire foam cutting boot? Plasma cutting boot? Water jet cutting boot? Laser cut? Oxygen welding? Surface grinding machine? Cylindrical grinding machine? 3 d printing skills? Induction hardening machine? Underwater welding? Knife? Glass cut
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