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CNC machining CNC machine operation main point and the matters needing attention

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-04-14
More numerical control machine tool operation main point and the matters needing attention, 1) Power on. To check the meter is normal, the barometer is normal, oil and water meter is normal. If there is no problem according to the POWER ON button, turning ON the POWER supply for a few seconds after machine self-checking, CRT display coordinates. In the event of alarm information, analysis excluded himself first, not solve, immediately report to the superior ask professional processing. For the following operations such as normal. ( 2) Machine back to the reference zero point, either manually or automatically, in order to make the machine run properly. ( 3) Graphic analysis, nc program control programming, to understand the whole feeding conditions, mode of blade and the clamping way; Prepare tools, measuring tool and fixture; On the machine tool clamping workpiece as required. ( 4) Find are points of workpiece, the workpiece coordinate system zero mechanical values of the input to the G54, G55 memory. ( 5) Mount tool for knife, length compensation value input to the H value. ( 6) Copy of nc program, according to the existing knife,, compensation, modify the program of the head and tail. ( 7) High-pressure gas blowing. ( 8) In the transmission of nc program by DNC network DNC state. ( 9) A slowly began to feed, to wait for the knife cut into the workpiece, the cutting smooth normal feed rate switch when transferred to the normal speed. Adjustable speed switch, make a loud noise, smooth cutting. According to requirements to determine the appropriate speed and feed F S, so that each blade cutting quantity meet the requirements of reasonable and efficient. ( 10) If processing steel, should pay close attention to the knife when coarse grain degree of wear and tear, found to have problems to adjust or change. ( 11) For their own use of precision machine tool, cutting tool rotation precision and machining error, communication and programmers to make it leave enough margin for laser scalpel. ( 12) To completion of processing on the machine tool control measure graphics programming. If not qualified, to analyze the reason. Through adjustment of reprogramming programming allowance or compensation for rework, until qualified. After qualified to be removed. Cleaning machine, ready to processing the next thing.
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