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CNC machining - aluminum parts Once again, got the approval

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-01-29
Mr Yang search on the net the aluminum CNC machining parts 'contact spike technology, Mr Yang send me the 3 d drawings. Asked if can spike technology processing? What sort of guarantees are there quality? Know the need of the Yang Yang spike technology starts a spike technology introduction and pictures of aluminum CNC machining parts, Mr Yang introduced the way of machining process and machining, spike technology has also invited Mr. Yang to the factory. Mr Yang carefully looked at the sharp edge science and technology, was very shocked. As online said, large scale, equipment, more and more sophisticated processing equipment, processing process is rigorous. After watching the factory, spike technology, technical staff and Mr Yang to determine the details of CNC machining aluminum parts, arrange production, determine the delivery date. Mr Yang used the spike after the production of science and technology of aluminum parts, after a period of time, Mr Yang said: 'the last time give me a number of custom aluminum parts. ”
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