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CNC machining - aluminum parts Accuracy of plus or minus 0. 03mm

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-01-29
CNC machining aluminum parts in the production of many industries. If the precision of the aluminum parts do not pass, is likely to cause manufacturing product quality closes nevertheless, also will harm the use effect of product. Therefore, selects the accuracy standard of aluminium production is critical. Earlier, the dongguan sun to customize a batch of aluminum CNC machining parts. Little imagine, engineers have repeatedly feedback, its precision is not pass, use effect is not good. Call Mr. Sun ask manufacturers to solve, but see much cry and little wool. So Mr. Sun. I find manufacturers yuan, it has been committed to aluminum parts production for 9 years, consulting about the manufacture of the yuan gives the overall strength and processing technology, product quality inspection specifications, yuan gives technical engineers response, patiently explain accuracy can + 0. 03mm。 Mr. Sun is very satisfied with the yuan give response. He quickly down the order. After receiving the order, yuan grant allocation production workshop cast time limit for a project, the supply of complete order as soon as possible. Call Mr. Sun 2 days after received the product, tell yuan gives said aluminum CNC machining parts precision can meet the demands of use, and use effect is good, much better than before, and that the next time he will continue to cooperate!
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