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CNC machining aluminum - Cruise around and choose the peak

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-04-06
Mr Tang is the purchasing manager of a home appliance accessories company in shenzhen, because they use CNC machining aluminum many, therefore according to the given search to find the meta precision technology, precision technology for yuan give first offer slightly more than the other manufacturers, since the price is very transparent, so the customer had no choice in the yuan precision science and technology. Thought it was so in the past, about the past more than a month, Mr Soup again contacted the yuan precision science and technology, said need CNC machining aluminum, high precision level regulation, now the cooperation of manufacturers can't start on production and processing, so Mr Tang that hath found the meta given precision technology. In communication is learned, after Mr Soup before choosing which prices lower manufacturers, production of CNC machining aluminum on quality level has some not satisfactory, still can use at the beginning, then don't use, quality and precision problem caused by the emergence of various problems. Then Mr Soup thought of looking for yuan precision science and technology. Yuan manufacturer of precision technology is 9 years, perhaps the price won't let you very satisfied, but the quality you can rest assured completely.
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