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CNC machining aluminum alloy - System you need

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-04-06
For customer need CNC machining aluminum alloy are need to customize, generally is unable to reach. At this time, can choose reasonable and quickly solve their products manufacturer of demand is also very important. Fuyong contact lu yuan, hair come over two CNC machining aluminum alloy 3 d drawings, required RMB quotation. Yuan after the 3 d drawings of seen lu indicated that such here and processing is completely no problem, yuan to complete. Yuan has given the quality of the CNC machining of aluminium alloy saw lu, such as precision request, said is no problem, according to Mr Rudd needs the number of to send quotation to Mr. Lu, lu decided to let the yuan give do a batch first. Lu need dollars given on drawings marked a few requirements, such as to ensure the smoothness, a need in the specified location to do a little processing. Yuan gives nine years is always in line with 'quality first, customer satisfaction' standard of work, strict quality management, the processing factory to ensure that each product is in line with customer requirements.
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