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by:HENRY PARTS     2021-01-29
Known understand machining, CNC aluminum production and processing is not a simple technical, not with the device can make under the influence of random production and processing, apprentices and Lao shifu, production, processing and manufacturing quality are also different. Therefore, in the case of need to machining, to make reassuring CNC machining aluminum alloy factory to production and processing. Given yuan is a professional manufacturer of do machining of CNC machining aluminum alloy, with 9 years working experience in the production of aluminum alloy. As a manufacturer for 9 years, yuan has continued in development. Look from the precision, sharp edge technology introduced five axis machine, the machining accuracy + 0. 02mm; From the production staff, spike technology, return have a five years working experience in machining production, production of aluminum alloy parts, surface smooth and high precision; From the delivery point of view, spike technology has more than 55 sets of CNC machining equipment, delivery, of course, easy. On one occasion, Mr Wang is in a hurry to find old customers to come over to dongguan, said he has a batch of aluminum alloy parts very urgent to use, please rush for production and processing technology. Spike, after receipt of the order, the production workshop will help on the night of the production and processing of science and technology, to rice also forgot how to eat. Managed to production and processing in the fourth day afternoon ok, customers hear yuan gives so attentively to help him catch the delivery date, Mr Zhang was moved. If you need to find a reassuring CNC machining aluminum alloy manufacturer, might as well look at the yuan.
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