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CNC machining accuracy

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-27
More 'style =' white - CNC machining center 空间:正常; font- Family: song typeface, SimSun; font- 尺寸:18 px; 文本- - - - - - 装饰:下划线; '> a CNC machining precision and machining precision machining accuracy, the concept of the so-called refers to the geometric parameters (parts processing after Size, geometry and position) The actual value and the degree of correspondence between ideal value, and the degree of deviation between them ( The difference) For processing amiss. Reflect the size of the machining error of high and low precision. Machining precision includes the following three aspects. Dimensional accuracy: limit the size of the benchmark between machined surface error does not exceed a certain range. : geometry precision of macroscopic geometric error of the machined surface restrictions, such as roundness, cylindricity, flatness, straightness and/position accuracy of: restrict each other between the processing surface and its benchmark position errors, such as parallel degree, vertical degree, coaxial degree, location, degree, etc. The main factors affecting machining precision and machining principle of error due to nc machine tools is typically a straight line and arc interpolation functions ( A handful of nc machine tools with parabola and helix interpolation function) A plane curve, and even processing, also must use many short discount or circular arc to close to it. Cutting tools continuously to these little line processing, has received the required shape of the curve. The precision of the approximation can be controlled by the length of each segment. Therefore, in the curve or surface nc machining, the tool relative to the workpiece forming the approximate motion. Adopts approximate shape movement or approximate blade contour, while processing principle error, but often can simplify the structure of machine tool or shape of cutting tool, improve the production efficiency, and can satisfy requirements of machining precision. Therefore, as long as the method of error does not exceed the allowed error precision, often than accurate machining method can obtain better economic effect, still can be widely used in the production. Adjust error try cutting method. Piece of the trial cut method widely used in small batch production. Now when machining workpieces trial cut, according to the requirements of the measured size and pattern of difference, to adjust the relative position of cutter and workpiece, and try to cut, then measuring, in the adjustment, to conform to the requirements of the specified size before formal cutting out the machining surface. With test method, adjust the error brought by the error of measurement, displacement error of machine tool feed mechanism. Adjustment method. In production in a large number of widely used test method ( Or samples, sample) Adjust the relative position of the cutter and workpiece, and keep the relative position to the processing of a batch of parts, thereby gaining the required parts size. Three, machine tool error of spindle. When the machine tool spindle is used to pass the main cutting movement and drive the workpiece or tool for rotating movement of the important parts. When the rotary motion accuracy of machine tool main precision index, one of the main influence on the surface of the parts processing geometry precision, position precision and surface roughness. Mainly includes its radial circular runout error of spindle, axial channeling move and swing. The main reason for the spindle caused by the circular runout diameter of axle and bearing hole roundness is not high, the shape of the rolling bearing error, shaft and hole misalignment and rolling body after installation error, etc. Spindle radial circular runout error will cause the shape of the workpiece. Four, guide error. Guide is to determine the relative position of main components of machine tool base, is also the movement benchmark, its various error directly influences the precision of the workpiece. In numerical control lathe for example, when bedway bent (in the plane of the horizon Lordosis) , artifacts have drum-shaped error: when the lathe bed guide rail and the spindle axis of uneven row within the vertical plane, will produce error of saddle workpiece; And when the lathe bed guide rail and the spindle axis of uneven lines in the plane of the horizon, workpiece will produce taper error.
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