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CNC machining

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-28
More modern machining more inclined to high precision, many varieties, small batch, low cost, short cycle and complicated processing, composite processing is nc machine tools one of the important technology development direction. Composite function make the CNC machine significantly raised the cost of production speed of workpiece, can greatly eliminate the process in the process of transportation, the clamping and waiting time, greatly shorten the processing cycle time. Only once on the machine tool clamping workpiece positioning, both to reduce the auxiliary time processing, and improve the machining precision of workpiece. Obviously, compound machine tool to demand higher automation products. Composite function implementation depends on the workpiece and cutting tool of real-time detection and intelligent judgment, data computing, tool management and control system. The high sensitivity of the probe, high-speed processing chip, a smaller, faster response of sensors and actuators and other automation products and technology will be more widely used in machine tools.
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