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CNC lathe processing problems in how to solve?

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-01-30
More shenzhen large CNC lathe machining residual stress, a direct impact on the performance of the machine tool, such as straightness, verticality and the degree of precision. Especially recently, nc machine tools and industrial robots used more makes intelligent production or 'unmanned factory' development trend. Good posture has high quality CNC machine tools. Does not eliminate the residual stress, also can use a year of good machine, therefore, it is important to eliminate stress. We mainly from his casting up to analysis and solve the problem of stress. Next we look at CNC machining in die casting process of the formation of the two stress: 1 mechanical stress: line contraction of alloy by casting or core mechanical block formed by internal stress. Mechanical stress is temporary, after shakeout, just go away. Combination of mechanical stress and thermal stress, may make some parts increases the tendency of crack prevention methods: improve the thermal stress of mold and core concession 2: uneven thickness of casting, the cooling speed is different, shrinkage is not consistent. Prevention: 1 uniform wall thickness 2 - solidification at the same time Thin set gate, the thick place put cold iron advantages: province riser, save work, material elastic state: below the recrystallization temperature, under the action of external force, the metal elastic deformation occurs, stress continue to exist after deformation. This shows, the bigger the temperature difference of each part, the thermal stress is, the greater the slower cooling part form the tensile stress, rapid cooling form part of the press stress. Plastic state: metal above the above the recrystallization temperature of solid state cooling stage, the stress deformation, strain hardening, simultaneous recrystallization drop hardening offset, internal stress go away. ( In a nutshell, in yield condition, stress - Deformation stress free) Weakness: the heart of a shrinkage or shrinkage, used in grey iron tin bronze, due to the small grey shrinkage cavity, shrinkage tendency, tin bronze paste solidification, with directional solidification is also difficult to effectively eliminate the miniature pine. Shenzhen FuJia industrial co. , LTD is a shenzhen machinery parts processing, precision parts processing in shenzhen, shenzhen precision parts processing, mechanical processing in shenzhen, shenzhen precision machining
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