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CNC lathe processing how to achieve zero waste manufacturing

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-05
More in the CNC lathe processing, the ideal goal of each manufacturer is zero waste production. But in the process of achieving this goal, the function and significance of precision measurement technology is self-evident, machining quality of parts and assembly quality of the machine and processing equipment, testing equipment, Non-standard parts processing) And test information analysis and processing and so on, so the zero waste production, in the perspective of precision test, some problems need to consider. CNC lathe machining process of workpiece online measurement or to 100% detection of artifacts, which requires research is suitable for dynamic or quasi dynamic test equipment, and even can be integrated into the special test equipment of numerical control lathe processing, achieve real-time test. Process parameters, constant revision according to the test result of the numerical control lathe processing equipment to supplement or feedback control, from the aspects of precision theory also corresponding to the dynamic accuracy theory, including the dynamic precision of the evaluation, etc. Study how to make full use of the measurement information to achieve zero waste production, 100% by make full use of the online measurement data, from the analysis of the distribution of the processing and the measurement error in the process of dynamic characteristics, at the same time according to dynamic characteristic of the machining error and the precision of the sensor precision loss characteristics, and product quality requirements and tolerance requirements, gives the basic theory of zero waste manufacturing model, make full use of the artificial neural network, genetic algorithm is applied to modern mathematics methods, such as accurate processing quality forecast, to do quality control in advance.
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