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CNC lathe processing characteristics and its application

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-30
More CNC lathe processing has been more and more used in modern manufacturing industry, and play the incomparable advantage over ordinary lathe, CNC numerical control lathe processing mainly has the following characteristics: 1. CNC lathe processing transmission chain is short, compared with the ordinary lathe spindle drive belt is no longer a motor variable speed gear pair institutions, but USES the horizontal and vertical feed respectively driven by two electric servo motor movement is completed, no longer use the traditional part such as wheels, clutch, transmission chain is greatly reduced. 2. High rigidity, in order to match the numerical control system of high precision, CNC numerical control lathe processing of high rigidity, in order to adapt to the processing of high precision. 3. Light drag, rest, The workbench) Ball screw pair adopted in moving, friction small, mobile light. At the ends of the lead screw bearing type bearing, its pressure Angle is larger than the ordinary bearing, chosen when it in the factory. CNC numerical control lathe processing lubrication part adopts automatic oil mist lubrication, these measures have made mobile portable CNC lathe processing.
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