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CNC lathe processing center mold vacuum principle

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-04-08
More generally, the use of vacuum suction cup grab products is one of the cheapest method. Vacuum, species diversity, rubber suction cups can be operated at high temperature, made of silicone rubber suction cup is very suitable for to catch the rough surface of products; Made of polyurethane chuck is very durable. In addition, in the actual production, the requirement if the suction cup has oil resistance, can consider to use polyurethane, nitrile rubber, or vinyl polymer materials to create suction cups. Usually, in order to avoid products surface scratches, best choice made of nitrile rubber or silicone rubber with a corrugated pipe material is made of nitrile rubber) chuck chuck, has great pull force, and therefore is widely applied in all kinds of vacuum holding equipment. 2, used in CNC computer gong vacuum, vacuum suction cup is to act as a fixture in the middle of the CNC lathe processing center, the role of some artifacts require high surface smoothness, will not be able to use commonly used CNC computer gong fixture, arrange the vacuum suction cups will come in handy. But we seldom use in CNC computer gong general vacuum cup made of rubber, more is to use CNC vacuum sucker, the so-called CNC vacuum suction cup is to use a special vacuum generator and switch the vacuum suction cups, draw on the same principle with rubber vacuum suction cup, is creating a vacuum environment for the atmospheric pressure to suction cups on the workpiece, CNC vacuum, vacuum is just by the vacuum is generated by the vacuum generator, also have the bigger difference in appearance, rubber vacuum suction cup is a relatively simple vacuum components, and CNC vacuum suction cup is like a big plate. CNC computer gong use the workpieces by vacuum, because generally have a high demand on the surface smoothness of artifacts or CNC computer gong itself jig can't very good with the workpiece when used, in the nc machine tool is a kind of special fixture is cheaper.
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