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CNC lathe machining feature analysis

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-29
More titanium alloy because of its good performance in the use of the aerospace industry scale increases year by year, but the machining cost of high and low machining efficiency and the effect of the application is still larger. Physical and chemical properties of titanium alloy itself has brought difficulties to machining. The specific characteristics of the combined machining titanium displays in: first, the titanium alloy low thermal conductivity, is only 1/13 of a quarter of the steel, aluminum, copper, 1/25. Due to the cutting zone heat slowly, is not conducive to the thermal equilibrium, in the process of titanium alloy parts machining, heat and cooling effect is very poor, is easy to be formed in the cutting zone temperature, machining part deformation after springback, causing cutting tool blade wear torque increase, fast, lower durability. Second CNC lathe processing, low thermal conductivity of titanium alloy, the cutting heat product in small area within the region near the cutting knife is not easy to send out, rake face of the friction increase, not easy chip removal, the cutting heat is not easy to send out, speed up the tool wear. Finally, titanium alloy, high chemical activity under high temperature processing easy to react with the cutting tool material and the formation of soluble apply, diffusion, causing sticking knife, knife, cutting knife, wait for a phenomenon. As the cutting tool material research and development and the continuous improvement of the machining process, the machining efficiency of titanium alloy parts will be improved greatly and the processing cost will be decreased obviously, and in shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, chemical industry, electronics, Marine development, and other fields have broad application prospects.
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