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CNC hand-board model manufacture process four processing stages

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-01-18
More CNC hand-board model manufacture process of the four stage of machining parts precision and surface roughness requirement is higher, often can't be finished in one process, which is divided into several stages to carry on the processing. 1. CNC hand-board model manufacture process of four processing stage ( 1) Rough machining stage. Rough machining is mainly to remove most of the machining allowance on the surface, the blank shape and size is close to finished products. This phase is the use of the characteristics of high power machine, choose larger cutting with children, as far as possible to improve productivity and reduce tool wear, etc. ( 2) Semi-finishing phase. Semi-finishing is done on the surface of the secondary processing and preparation for the main surface finishing. ( 3) Finishing stage. The major surface finishing is to ensure that meet the design requirements of processing. ( 4) Finishing processing stages. Finishing machining is on the surface of the high surface roughness and machining accuracy requirements, finishing processing is also required. This stage generally cannot be used to improve the position precision of the parts. It should be pointed out that the processing stage division is in terms of the whole process of parts processing, not to a surface processing or a process to determine the nature of. In the practical application at the same time, also can not absolute, for some heavy duty parts or allowance for small parts, precision is not high, can be completed after a clamping surface rough finish machining.
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