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CNC aluminum products processing plant - Obtained the customer high praise

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-04-04
Looking in the past, yuan gives CNC aluminum products processing plant has passed 9 years. In this period of time, yuan service total nearly 3000 + customers. And when the score of each customer in yuan is high praise like tide, and borrow that tian said. Yuan give production CNC aluminium products not only quality is very good, and the service is good. Tian is given with yuan worked in the past two years the old customers. When we just cooperate with yuan gives, then to yuan give one-to-one customization service feel very satisfied. And tian on CNC aluminium product has a problem, given yuan CNC aluminum products processing plants are all within the time send someone to deal with. Especially when tian after receipt of the goods, when using technical engineer feedback to make tian is laughter. In cooperation with the yuan to give again, tian shows through technical engineer testing found that the quality of the product is improved more than 30%. Tian then decided to assign yuan gives the CNC aluminum products processing plants.
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